Miranda Kerr for H&M

Miranda Kerr for H&M

In addition to her current campaigns for ShopStyle, Clear Scalp & Hair, Swarvoski and Reebok, at the beginning of February, it was announced that Miranda Kerr would be the new face for Swedish retail giant, H&M, and their latest Spring Campaign. She took to Instagram, posting a similar photo to the one pictured above to make her official announcement of the exciting news to her fans and followers.  The official Instagram page of H&M followed suit, posting a video of Kerr announcing: “Hi H&M followers, I’m Miranda Kerr and I’m the new face for H&M Spring Campaign. Stay tuned for more.”

In the weeks following, both Miranda Kerr and H&M, have been posting Instagram teasers of the up-and-coming Spring Campaign, and what happened behind the scenes.

Miranda Kerr Behind the Scenes for H&M

As it moves closer to the date of H&M’s first Australian store opening in Melbourne (April 5th), Kerr’s stunning and delightful Spring Campaign video has been released. Although H&M’s Australian website doesn’t allow you to shop online (unfortunately, we have to wait), you can view what is coming to the Australian store, including the exclusive Australian collection.

Here is a look at what you can expect to see in the Spring Collection that hits stores next month.

Miranda Kerr for H&M Spring Campaign

Miranda Kerr for H&M Spring Campaign #2


Taylor x


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