4 Basic Steps to Ensure You Enjoy Your Shopping Experience

I am very passionate about fashion and I LOVE clothes, but sometimes shopping can be a painful, tiring, and degrading experience. So I put together four basic steps that will ensure you enjoy your shopping experience every time.


1. Comfortable, seamless underwear

Seamless Underwear

There is nothing worse than shopping for a few hours (or an entire day) with uncomfortable underwear that you are constantly fixing up. What is also just as bad, is trying on clothes in the change room and seeing your underwear or the seam line through the clothes. I definitely recommend wearing your most comfortable underwear, preferably seamless, in a classic nude or white. This will ensure no seam lines or underwear are visible when trying on new garments, and will ensure you get the most accurate view of what the garment will look like on you when worn properly.


2. Strapless bra

Strapless Bra

Wearing a strapless bra shopping is probably one of the best decisions you could make. When trying on clothes, a strapless bra is ideal for more than one reason – it is easy to take off/put on when you’re trying on something that will be/needs to be worn bra-less; it sits great under all basic tops and dresses; and it gives you an accurate view of what a strapless garment will look like on without the hassle of the ugly ‘tuck your bra straps into the side of your bra’ trick (which really doesn’t look good). Like recommended with the underwear, opting for a nude or white bra is best.


3. Easy to slip on and off basic outfit


Basics #2

The most annoying thing about trying on new clothes is having to constantly undress and dress yourself. So avoid time consuming, uncomfortable, annoying outfits that take you an extra 10 minutes to take off/put on in the change room – jeans, garments with zips at the back that you require assistance to do up completely, garments that need to be completely buttoned up/down, tops that need to be tucked in etc. I recommend pairing a cute, light weight, printed skirt (high waisted or maxi) or pair of shorts (can even be a pair of denim shorts) with a basic t-shirt or crop top; a simple maxi dress; or a basic t-shirt dress. This will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your whole shopping trip and trying on new clothes will be less irritating.


4.  Basic flats or sandals 

Basics #3

You want to opt for a pair of shoes that are easy to walk in, comfortable, supportive of your foot and easy to put on and take off. It makes your shopping trip that much easier when you wear a simple pair of basic flats that are easy to take off/put on, especially when you are shoe shopping. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Sometimes opting for a pair of shoes with a small heel, or a pair of flat forms is a good idea also – this will elongate your legs (giving you a sense of height) and will flatter not only your outfit, but also your body. Always try to avoid shoes with numerous buckles, laces, and shoes that you have to wear socks or sockets with.


Taylor x



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