Whilst I have been absent from my blog a mere six or seven months, a lot has changed. I finished my first semester of uni; ¬†got a job with an awesome company over the Christmas period; and spent my five month uni holiday pondering about life, my career and my future. What has changed mostly though is my career path and the future I plan to build myself. I have just taken a six month ‘study break’ from uni to figure my life out. I thought journalism – in particular, fashion journalism – was the career for me. But I have come to realise that it is not. Though I am still very passionate about fashion and I do enjoy writing, I was not satisfied at all with the journalism and fashion course I was undertaking at uni and I completely lacked inspiration and motivation.

So I have until second semester (July) to really think about what career I want to pursue in order to create the lifestyle I desire. I originally created this blog to build a professional and personal portfolio for the future of my career, however, as I am no longer studying or pursuing a career as a fashion journalist, I will now be posting on my blog as a hobby to fulfil my personal needs. Primarily, my posts will be about fashion but I will expand my blog and write about many other things I am passionate for or curious about.


New York Fashion Week: Runway Reports

Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy with uni assessments and study that I have fallen behind with my New York Fashion Week Runway Reports. I will be posting runway reports from my favourite designers throughout NYFW a little behind time (and a little out-of-order) – but better late than never right? So, be sure to keep posted and up-to-date with my blog as I will be starting those posts tomorrow!

Hope you’re all enjoying fashion week as much as I am.

Taylor x